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book, that we are living in the End of an Age,
to those who have been impervious to the account
of the disruptive forces that are breaking up
the social order and to the argument I have drawn
from them, who may have got away from all
that, so to speak, by saying they are " scientific ^
or " materialistic " or " sociological " or " high-
brow,35 or that the Providence that has hitherto
displayed such a marked bias in favour of well-off,
comfortable, sluggish-minded people Is sure to do
something nice for them at the eleventh hour, the
real Inconveniences, alarms, losses and growing
disorder of the life about them may at last
bring a realisation that the situation in Western
Europe is approaching revolutionary conditions.
It will be a hard saying for many people in the
advantage-holding classes, and particularly if they
are middle-aged, that the old order has already
gone to pieces and can never be put back. But
how can they doubt it ?
A revolution, that is to say a more or less
convulsive effort at social and political readjust-
ment, is bound to come in all these overstrained
countries, in Germany, in Britain and universally.
It is more likely than not to arise directly out
of the exasperating diminuendos and crescendos
of the present war, as a culminating phase of It.
Revolution of some sort we must have. We